Confidence and Light The Lighting Expert

Central Manufacturing facility, Central France - 80 people, Research department - 10 people

Total production area: 5000 m2
Specializing in thin sheet metal work, our facility is made up of six workshops:

  • Cutting shop with flat and tube laser cutting machines, sheet metal stamping.
  • Forming shop, CNC bending, roll and tube forming.
  • Welding shop, MIG welding (manual and robot controlled), spot welding (3 stations), and TIG welding. Steel, stainless steel, and Aluminum welds.
  • Finishing shop, epoxy paint and powder coat booth.
  • Assembly shop, where wood, plastic, glass, and other materials are integrated into the sheet metal works.
  • Wiring shop for the range of produced lighting, incorporation of LED and fluorescent sources.

In addition, we have a 3 person quality control team led by a qualified engineer.

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