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Eco-design, Eco-conception

Eco-design, Eco-conception   

Our designers' projects must comply with a number of strict design requirements: materials (recyclability), sources (LED or fluorescent), intelligent power switch and component (presence detector, light sensor, automatic switch-off, remote control), end-of-life recycling  (easy sorting of the different parts), optics (maximum efficiency without glare), ergonomic (high luminous flux, adaptability to the working or living environment).


Eco-production recycling

Eco-production, recyclage  

Our two manufacturing centers work in accordance with the rules of  eco-production. Powder coatings are recovered.  Aluminum comes from materials partly recycled, our packaging (FSC certified) is designed for reducing transportation costs  while protecting the lamps inside.  Our production is designed  for an easy end-of-life recycling, an easy sorting of mechanical parts (glass, metal, plastic, ...), electronic components, and sources.


Eco-label Firefly

Eco-label Luciole  

Our quality control is certified by our "firefly" label which insures that our products comply with strict requirements updated as new technologies emerge.  Light sources must be highly  efficient (LED - Fluorescent).  Optics, developed by laboratories deliver a high light output efficiency (80% for office lighting).  The lamp must not generate uncomfortable glare. Sources must not be in contact with the user's eye.  Office lighting must integrate automatic switch-off systems capable of providing from 50 to 70% energy savings compared to conventional on/off systems.


Energy efficiency


Using the right sources (LED & Fluorescent) is not enough for reducing energy consumption.  They must be optimized with the user's comfort in mind.  Our optical systems are developed in specialized laboratories . Over  80% of our production is equipped with dimmers, allowing  users to adjust their level of visual and lighting comfort while reducing their consumption.




Independent  laboratories validate the electrical and mechanical design of all of our products.  Our production  complies with European and UL standards.  Fluorescent versions are grounded (EMF Standards)