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Wall Lamps

Confidence and Light began by creating wall lamps for working areas. Today we propose a
large range with adaptations on power poles, outdoor, special for bathrooms,
hospital rooms, apartments …

A wall lamp is the enlightening part of a floor or table lamp. Different designs are available : flat to equip a corridor, direct or indirect emission, LED or fluorescent equipment, ornamental or functional, minimalist or strongly personalized.

Alain Tergny created the wall lamp ALOE for bathrooms. Its design sends back the light downward. It must be positioned over a mirror. ALOE is equiped with fluorescent or LED source "daylight" to be as closely as possible to the sunlight. Its filter made of polycarbonate protects the eyes from the brightness. Tips can be white or colored.

The wall lamp DELUNE is the perfect example of a lighting product specially designed to be fixed on power poles. Fixed to approximately two meters from the ground, it overhangs the working plans. Providing mainly indirect lighting, it is hanged on the power pole with a metallic wire which insures a perfect horizontality. The wall lamp DELUNE can be drive by intelligent components (presence and daylight sensors) and the controls integrated into the lamp or on the desk for the people with reduced mobility. Its round shape is particularly appreciated by the users. It equips mainly call centers and open-spaces.

Nicolas François's wall lamp HANN looks like a crescent moon. Equipped with a system of successful LED engine, it offers a perfectly homogeneous light emission. Filtered through a BRIGHT opal piece, its intensity can be adjusted by a dimmer. Available in black or white finish, it can be settled alone or in clusters. Appreciated by architects and interior designers who can play with its shape to stage several units and create a real wall of light. We recommend HANN for hotels, restaurants, reception halls, apartments of generous volumes. In the same collection, HANN is declined in pendant or ceiling lamps.

The wall lamp LILLY is born after the table version, first creation of LILLY collection. Its wall plate designed for an easy installation, is covered by a round or square shape (same dimensions of the table lamp basis). We propose a range of about ten colors of lampshade high efficient, thanks to the white finish inside. Equipped with a source LED or fluorescent and grounded, this little colored wall lamp is intended for cafeterias, bars, housing. LILLY also exists in table lamp, floor and pendant lamps.

The wall lamp LOTUS designed by Alain Tergny exists in outdoor or indoor versions. Its wide reflector which floats as a sail over the source allows optimizing the lighting emission by providing a pleasant indirect light. LOTUS exists in various sizes. It can be fixed of course on a wall or to a mast for becoming a floor lamp. Its white tips can be supplied with color to accompany a particular set.

The first one from the models of Confidence and Light, the wall lamp LUNE is our best diffusion for working areas. It is appreciated for its curves and efficient but soft light emission. It equips commercial agencies, bank offices, meeting rooms and call centers (fixed on a power pole). The wall lamp LUNE integrates compact fluorescent lamps but also tubes T5.

First lamp of the designer Antoine Lesur, the wall lamp MARIE-JO looks like a piece of citrus fruit. Lime or grapefruit, orange or white, it is equipped with two sources LED or fluorescent. Folding of metal and polycarbonate, sober as much as funny, the wall lamp MAREA-JO suits for lighting corridors, cafeterias and restaurants, studios and small apartments.

The wall lamp MISS LIGHT concentrates all Arik Levy magic. Complex to manufacture, sophisticated in its conception and optical system, it seems nevertheless, so obvious and clear. Equipped with fluorescent lamps and a dimmer for adjusting the level of the emission, its adjustable head is made of glass and steel for a direct or indirect effect. The wall lamp MISS LIGHT can be settled in manager offices, meeting rooms, luxury apartments.

Sobriety and efficiency for the wall lamp PARALON developed for working areas. The fluorescent version (tubes or compact lamps) is available in different length. With a sophisticated and high efficiency optic (86 % lumen output), it complies with the standards of energy-saving buildings. The wall lamp PARALON can be controlled by intelligent systems (presence and/or daylight sensors). The LED version proposes the color temperature adjustment (from warm white 2700K to cold white 4000K).

The wall lamp PLAIA made in aluminum, has been created by the architecture studio AIA Associés for hospitals, private hospitals, maternities.It is perfectly hermetic and protected from dust. It integrates a stand-by light (in accordance to the standards). Users appreciate the dissociation of the flows : indirect lightin which gets an effective light without any brightness and direct one for reading or having a meal. Equipped with three fluorescent lamps, it exists from now with LED engine. A customization is possible thanks to its transparent, white or colored tips.

Square or rectangular, the wall lamps SAMBA exist in LED or fluorescent version. Light is filtered through a glass plate. An easy maintenance thanks to a magnetized system. With its colored or white PMMA sides, SAMBA is ideal for a corridor, a cafeteria, a restaurant, a bar or an entrance. SAMBA is customizable by apposition of a print element (picture or film) on the front face or engraving a message or a logo. SAMBA Is dimmable and may be connected to a presence sensor, in accordance to the standards for commercial buildings.

The wall lamps VAGABOND, created by the Swiss designer Fred Lambert are really special. They are fixed to a rope of steel, real vertebral column on which they rise and fall. This mysterious small ball, in the look of a planet is equipped with a source LED and an anti-brightness filter. The wall lamp VAGABOND exists in five finishes (white, anodized aluminum, copper, silver and gold). It is recommended for corridors, rooms, restaurants. The collection is completed by a range of pendant lamps.