Confidence and Light The Lighting Expert

Table and Bedside Lamps

Table lamps designed by emerging and confirmed talents and made by Confidence and Light, are developed for different functions and fixtures.

Table and desk lamps do not generate uncomfortable glare and protect the user's eye. They reinforce the main lighting system coming from the ceiling. They can be free or fixed on the desks. Finally, some of them with a powerful design will sign the right way a reception hall, hotel, head office or apartment.

Bedside lamps are carefully designed with adjustable heads, for giving the best orientation and only procuring light where it should be without bothering the one who wants to sleep.

The table lamp LILLY, drawn by Confidence and Light for more than ten years, was created to comply with the international standards of establishments open to the public. It is grounded; its lampshade (always white inside) offers 200 to 250 lux on the working plan. Lilly has been adapted on various brands of office furniture. LILLY proposes a variety of ten colors of lampshade which can be engraved for a personalization, quite as the base of the lamp. It is recognizable thanks to its chromed alliance which we also find on the floor lamps, the wall lamps and the pendant versions which complete the collection.

Arik Levy created the table lamp MAGNET to break with the classic systems of orientation and articulation. The tubular head, taken up on a magnet and the length of the electric cable which feeds it, allow a vertical movement on the basis and from right to left. By using a LED source in wide beam, we obtain on the working plan, a generous distribution. The collection MAGNET exists in three sizes (bedside lamp, reading lamp), in three finishes (black, anthracite, chrome) and in three colors of cable (black, red Bordeaux and forest green). It suits particularly to working areas (offices for individuals and professionals) but can be also positioned on a console to emphasize an object or a masterpiece.

The table lamp O, by Michel Bertreux is unique in its design and technology. Developed around a power LED engine of 84 units, the light is filtered through a plastic opal of strong thickness. At no time the eye is in direct contact with the source. The diffuse lighting impact through the filter becomes effective on the table or the work plan. The incredible design of the head is duplicated for the base of the lamp. Perforations serve then as pencil holders. O is a futuristic object, which has no equivalent on the market. The lamp is declined in floor lamp with two or three heads (OÏO-TRÏO) and downlights (one or two heads).

Nicolas François knew how to find the right proportions for FRED, a round table lamp, enough classical to adapt itself to all styles of set and decoration. With its three lamps (LED or fluorescent), FRED is full lighting and efficient lamp. Its dimensions are of an obvious correctness and a simplicity that only color ranges proposed for the outside finish of its globe, break. From the pastel (white, water green, soft pink) to the glossy (red, gold), from frozen black to sparkling (champagne), FRED adapts itself to all environment (working areas, head offices, residential, hospitality, apartments, lounges, …

Latest of Confidence and Light’s table lamps collection, STRIPES created by Joran Briand imposes a strong design which will give the real identity to the space which will welcome it. STRIPES is equipped with a high-tech and bespoke overhead LED system, dimmable for being adjusted according to needs. STRIPES can be positioned on the one or the other side, to play with the projected shadows which escape to a wall, a shelf, a ground. STRIPES is the perfect outcome of what we know how to manufacture with metal: cut, folding, weld, finishes. Between the deep frozen black and the milky white of the light, STRIPES let escape from signs which look like musical notes. The table lamp STRIPES exists in outdoor version, just like the suspension and the floor lamp.

Jean-Yves Barrier and its table lamp TOL' RIGAMI made a success for a glance to the graphic and ancestral East, with only some folding. Red, yellow, black or white, TOL' RIGAMI exists in right or left version for bedside tables for example. Its soft light emanates from a ribbon LED. The colors of the electric cable made of fabric (white, black or yellow) and switches, assure a perfect finishing. TOL' RIGAMI exists in version floor lamp and outdoor sculpture for gardens.