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Pendant / Downlights

Confidence and Light propose a range of pendant lamps with high efficiency for workspaces, ornamental for apartments, hotels, ceiling lights and downlights for corridors, big volumes for showrooms, lofts.
Graduated by dimmers or intelligent systems (detectors of presence, lighting sensors), they comply as well with the standards and specifications of public buildings, that with the wishes of interior designers in search of originality and of customization.

A pendant lamp is an element hung on to the ceiling by a unique tube or a metallic wire, but which breaks off from it. Our models can be staged alone or in cluster. A ceiling light is fixed on the ceiling and thus in direct contact with it. The ceiling light is not embedded. A downlight is integrated into the ceiling.

The pendant lamp BIG DAISY of generous size (600 mm diameter - 300 mm height) is equipped with 3 lamps (Fluorescence or LED), an under-face opal anti-dazzle and of a movie film above, to avoid dusts and insects which could settle there. The interior of its lampshade is white to optimize the lighting emission. DAISY is grounded and complies with the standards of commercial buildings. Its simplicity and its proportions make an ideal lamp for staff restaurants, shopping centers, shops. There is a version in the inverted sizes, THIN DAISY 600 mm height and 300 mm diameter ( 1 LED or fluorescent lamp). The lampshade can be personalized by cut or engraving laser.

The pendant lamp FRED designed by Nicolas François is already a classic in our collections. Its dimensions are of an obvious correctness and a simplicity that only color ranges proposed for the outside finish of its globe, break. From the pastel (white, water green, soft pink) to the glossy (red, gold), from frozen black to sparkling (champagne), FRED adapts itself to all environment (working areas, head offices, residential, hospitality, apartments, lounges, … ). Ideal to enlighten a countertop in kitchen, only or in cluster in a hall or a staircase, equipped with three fluorescent lamps or LED, the suspension FRED is a device of efficient lighting. It is grounded and may be connected to a dimmer for adjusting the level to the room and the needs. The collection is completed with the table lamp and the floor lamp.

The pendant lamp HANN, by Nicolas François looks like a crescent moon. Equipped with a system of successful LED engine, it offers a perfectly homogeneous light emission. Filtered through a BRIGHT opal piece, its intensity can be adjusted by a dimmer. Recognizable thanks to its red electric wire, it can be settled alone or in clusters. We recommend HANN for hotels, restaurants, reception halls, apartments of generous volumes. In the same collection, HANN is declined in wall or ceiling lamps.

The pendant lamp LILLY proposes a range of about ten colors of lampshade high efficient, thanks to the white finish inside. Equipped with a source LED or fluorescent and grounded, this little colored lamp is intended for cafeterias, bars, housing. LILLY also exists in table lamp, floor and wall lamps.

The pendant lamps LUNE and DELUNE have been developed by Confidence and Light to comply with the standards of commercial building. Indirect emission with a soft direct part by microperforations, they fit to meeting rooms or open-spaces. They are available with compact fluorescent lamps or fluorescent tubes. They can be hangle to the ceiling by metallic wires or a unique tubular for hiding the power cable. The pendant lamps LUNE and DELUNE can be controlled by intelligent systems (presence and/or daylight sensors).

So different from the classical flat fixtures, the downlights O and OÏO designed by Michel Bertreux, let the architects free for enlightening another way corridors, circulations, shops, . O single version and OÏO, double one, procure a light of an incredible intensity through a plastic filter manufactured for receiving a 84 LED engine per module, with a graduation optionally. Let discover the other declinations of the collection: the table lamp “ O” and the floor lamps “OÏO” and “TRÏO”.

Sobriety and efficiency for the pendant lamp PARALON developed for working areas. The fluorescent version (tubes or compact lamps), with steel wires or tubular for hanging, 86 % efficiency, complies with the standards of energy-saving buildings. The pendant light PARALON is controlled by intelligent systems (presence and/or daylight sensors). The LED version proposes the color temperature adjustment (from warm white 2700K to cold white 4000K).

The pendant lamp PLAIA in profile of aluminum has been first a wall lamp, designed by AIA Associated to equip mainly hospitals, private hospitals, and maternities. It is available in two versions: indirect lighting only, with some perforations for direct emission called «starry sky" which makes it an architectural major element. In version indirect / direct, PLAIA gives to an open-space or a meeting room, the required. Equipped with fluorescent lamps, it is advised for energy-saving buildings. A customization is possible thanks to its transparent, white or colored tips.

Square or rectangular, the downlights SAMBA exists in LED or fluorescent version. Light is filtered through a glass plate. An easy maintenance thanks to a magnetized system. With its colored or white PMMA sides, SAMBA is ideal for a corridor, a cafeteria, a restaurant, a bar or an entrance. SAMBA is customizable by apposition of a print element (picture or film) on the front face or engraving a message or a logo. SAMBA Is dimmable and may be connected to a presence sensor, in accordance to the standards for commercial buildings.

The pendant lamp STRIPES, latest of Confidence and Light’s collections designed by Joran Briand is born for lighting a theater. STRIPES is equipped with a high-tech and bespoke overhead LED system, dimmable for being adjusted according to needs. STRIPES projects on the ceiling and the ground, its shadows through the cuts of metal. STRIPES is the perfect outcome of what we know how to manufacture with metal: cut, folding, weld, finishes. Between the deep frozen black and the milky white of the light, STRIPES let escape from signs which look like musical notes. The suspension can live alone or in cluster, put in stage at various levels. STRIPES exists in outdoor version; the collection is completed by a floor and a table lamp.

The pendant lamps VAGABOND, created by the Swiss designer Fred Lambert are resolutely free. They settle in the ceiling but connect anywhere in the wall. VAGABOND is particularly advised for the ancient buildings, devoid of electric arrivals from the ceiling or decorated with rosettes. It exists in three sizes (diameter from 200 to 500 mm). The inside of its globe is always white for a maximal efficiency. An under-side in BRIGHT opal homogenizes the light and preserves the user’s eye from brightness. Medium and big models are equipped with three lamps (LED or fluorescent) and of a handle which allows to put up or down the globe and thus to enlarge or to tighten the beam of light. VAGABOND proposes a range of five colors which go from the white, to aluminum and metallic powder coatings (gold, copper, silver).