Confidence and Light The Lighting Expert

Designed for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an elegant line with a Stilt like profile.

Indirect/direct light emission
Height : 1,90 m (see technical data sheet)
Weight : 15kg
Aluminum profile frame (Ø 70mm) and 2 chrome bent tubes
Rectangular or U shaped base for closest positioning to furniture
Grey 3.50 main power cable with euro plug. Class1 - grounded
Optical film inlay for defined light distribution and low luminance perforation with square mesh (for direct lighting)
Housing (590/630 x 387 x 55 mm)
For 2 fluorescent compact lamps (55 or 80W) - Energy saving - Lampholder 2G11 - 3000 ou 4000K
HF Electronic control gear
On/off/dimming by push-button at work-surface height (accessible by people with reduced mobility)
Colored windows (optional)

Shades available
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