Confidence and Light The Lighting Expert

Free Standing & Desk

The ranges of free standing lamps developed and manufactured by Confidence and
Light propose an alternative to traditional direct lighting systems coming from
the ceiling.

Their emission direct but above all indirect preserve user’s eyes
from brightness and allow an easy way for reorganizing an open space. All our
collections are available to be settled on the desk or on a power pole.

We have developed two versions: curved and soft designs or rectangular ones, more
efficient for low-energy buildings. All are controlled by intelligent and
digital components (presence and day-light sensors).
Our collections can be customized by colored accessories or laser (cut or engraved).

We name a free standing lamp a floor lamp whom lighting efficiency is enough for replacing traditional direct downlights, positioned into the ceilings in working areas. A free standing lamp Is equipped with fluorescent sources as well as LED engine. Its head can be parallel to the desk or over for a better efficiency. The base is designed for being sliding under the desk.

A desk lamp is the exact declination of a free standing lamp. It procures the same quality and lighting efficiency but set to the desk with a classical “set press” or a special adaptation developed in accordance to the furniture brand.

A lighting power pole is an equipment able to manage lighting and electrical problems together. A power pole ensures the passage, protection and the lane of electrical wires from the ceiling to the working areas. The pole can receive one or two indirect lighting luminaries.

Curved designed collections are BIRDY, CHLOE, DELUNE and LUNE.

The free standing lamp BIRDY is a bespoke creation, developed for the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Paris. It is composed of a steel head (low luminance perforation with square mesh), settled on two curved and chromed tubes, looking like a stilt and on round aluminum profile. Its base is a “U” shape, for being positioned as close as possible to the desk. Its power cord can be removed easily, so BIRDY is the good solution for buildings with raised floor. BIRDY is also available in desk lamp version.

The free standing lamp CHLOE has been designed and manufactured for ALCATEL LUCENT head office where thousands of units are settled. Its low luminance head, made of steel is adjustable. It stands over a round aluminum profile with a flat part for receiving push button (Accessible to persons with reduced mobility). CHLOE lights many working areas buildings and commercial agencies. It is equipped with two fluorescent compact lamps. CHLOE is also available in desk lamp version or on power poles.

The free standing lamp DELUNE is our customers’ favorite collection. Created for about ten years for the National Electricity French Company, it equips many buildings for Bouygues Telecom, National French Post Company; French Ministry of Finance … Its head made in steel with low luminance optic takes place over the desk. The two chromed tubes give it a touch of elegance. The free standing lamp DELUNE is equipped with two fluorescent compact lamps and is available in desk lamp or adaptation on power poles.

The free standing lamp LUNE is equipped with four fluorescent compact lamps instead of two for other collections. It can be positioned in meeting rooms or in the center of collective desk (for 3 or 4 people). Its head is centered and the light is filtered through a low luminance metallic filter. It suits to for lighting meeting rooms and call centers.

Rectangular collections are LESS, PARALON NG, PARALON PP and SIDE.

The free standing lamp LESS, designed by Michel Bertreux is an original collection created for the head office of a National French Bank. Besides its efficiency, it differentiates itsel from the other models thanks to its amazing plastic filter “CLEARPEP”, made of bubbles which let LESS magic. This incredible filter contrast with the general design, classical and sober. The free standing lamp LESS can be equipped with two or three fluorescent compact lamps and is delivered with a presence/daylight sensor. It is adapted for lighting working areas, manager offices, … An adaptation with power pole is also available.

The free standing lamp PARALON NG has been created in 2008 for LOUIS VUITTON MALLETIER head office. Its design is minimalist and efficient : a rectangular head, made of steel offers a high efficiency optic (fluorescent or LED) and a small round aluminum profile (30 mm). It complies with the standards of low-energy buildings. It suits to individual offices as well as open-spaces. The free standing desk PARALON NG has been developed in desk version or adaptation on power poles.

The free standing lamp PARALON PP is a declination of NG version. Its head is adjustable and stands on an egg-shaped aluminum profile. The collection PARALON PP is provided with the high efficiency optic BBC in its fluorescent version (87%) or a LED engine. It can be controlled with presence/daylight sensor and for the LED version, colors variation output (from 2700 to 4000K). PARALON PP is also available in desk version and adaptation on power poles.

The free standing lamp SIDE is a mix between a high efficiency lighting system and a minimalist design which position it as a low-cost product. Its head made of steel is adjustable. Its structure in aluminum profile proposes a flat side for receiving push button (Accessible to persons with reduced mobility). SIDE is the right lamp for working areas (individual offices or open-spaces). It is also available with desk adaptation. SIDE is equipped with two fluorescent compact lamps and provides light enough for 12 to 15 m², in accordance to the ceiling height.

EMMA is a round aluminum profile (diameter 70 mm) which integrates two canals for separating high and low voltages. It has been designed for positioning socket-boxes at its basis and lighting heads at its top. EMMA is
available in “full height” version, from floor to ceiling or “half-mobile” version for moving it a little when re-organization of the working place. Its design is different and more aesthetic than classical square or rectangular other power poles.