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Floor lamps - Reading light

Confidence and Light designs and manufactures floor and reading lamps.
A floor lamp can be distinguished from reading lamp by its function and position in a room or beside furniture.

The reading lamp, behind an armchair or close to a sofa, lights precisely because of a large light beam or a direct emission. Its height is between 1, 20 and 1, 60 m.

MAGNET, the reading lamp designed by Arik Levy lets you choose with precision how to direct the light. With its head equipped with a magnet and a 5W LED source, it can be adjusted vertically or from right to left. The power wire can be adjusted too for providing narrow or large lighting emission. The reading lamp MAGNET is appreciated by pianists for lighting their musical scores, by art collectors for showing off a painting, sculpture or a trinket.

The reading lamp LILLY, designed by Confidence and Light offers with its special shade a different solution of direct emission: a large one. The source (LED or fluorescent) is hidden and does not generate uncomfortable glare, even if it is positioned close to an armchair. The interior of the shade is always white for optimizing the efficiency. We have developed another version, especially for commercial agencies and hotels: LILLY PLUG. Let’s discover it further.

The floor lamp procures a different kind of light. It provides more a spirit, an atmosphere than a direct impact on an object or furniture. The floor lamp befits to a reception hall, a lounge, a cafeteria or a restaurant. Some can fit to offices and working areas, if power enough.

EFFLEURE TOWER floor lamp, imagined by Pascal Hurtaud for a cultural center (outdoor version too) is particularly appreciated by doctors, dentists, freelancers for their waiting rooms. The quality of the plastic used for filtering the power of the LED engine, provides a soft diffusion but powered enough for this kind of area. The required floor space does not infringe upon the basic function of the room.

FRED, the floor lamp designed by Nicolas François, is already a « classic » of our collections. Its proportions are right, obvious and minimalist enough for promoting the finishes of its head. From pastel (white, water green, soft pink), to glossy (red, gold), from frozen (black) to sparkling (Champagne), FRED is adapted to all styles. Thanks to its height, it can be placed in hostels or head offices receptions, living-rooms, lounges, bars and suites. With its three sources (LED or fluorescent) it is a real efficient lamp. Its under-side (anti-brightness) insures a complete comfort to users.

The floor lamp MISS LIGHT concentrates all Arik Levy magic. Complex to manufacture, sophisticated in its conception and optical system, it seems nevertheless, so obvious and clear. Equipped with fluorescent lamps and a dimmer for adjusting the level of the emission, its adjustable head is made of glass and steel for a direct or indirect effect.

The floor Lamp TOL’RIGAMI, designed by Jean-Yves Barrier is a sculpture and a lamp at the same time. It founds its roots in traditional oriental inspirations. Made of folded steel, it is equipped with LED in front of and behind and two push buttons for independent functions. TOL’RIGAMI brings to a room or a park, a solid and strong identity. The best place is close to a wall for enjoying the reflection of the light. Thanks to its dimensions, TOL’RIGAMI is born for reception halls, restaurants. Four finishes: red, yellow, white or black.

The floor lamp STRIPES will be launched this autumn (November 2014). Designed by Joran Briand, it has been created for a theater. Its LED engine, extremely performing is dimmable. STRIPES projects on the ground or the wall, depending the way it’s positioned, light and shadow coming through the cutting metal structure. STRIPES is the perfect result of our know-how: steel is our favorite material. Three versions: pendant, floor and table lamps; indoor or outdoor.

Confidence and Light has developed two collections Intended for commercial agencies or hotels (Lilly plug and Daisy). Their built in RJ45 and power outlets, procure a service to users and clients allowing for powering of devices and connection to the network.